Upper School Acting Showcase

On Thursday, December 5, 2005 at 7 pm the Upper School Acting Showcase was performed by the following 9th - 12th grade students: Bobby Barton, Julia Becker, Jennifer Blencowe, Kelly Bulak, Suzanne Carney, Christine Fiedler, Lisa Fitzgerald, Hannah Floyd, Colleen Francis, Dan Freeman, Hunter Glenn, Pier LaFarge, Bakari Lebby, Abbie McCoy, Brantley Pruitt, Erica Richardson, Madelyn Smith, Margaret Tiller, Andrew Wagoner, and Brittany Yon, with Pierce Jones and Sara Hunter as technical crew members. The evening included scenes, monologues, and original pantomimes. Diverse characters and situations ranged from light-hearted comedy to challenging drama. Cast and crew members earned numerous accolades from audience members for their excellent work.

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